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When do the Free Holiday Bus Services run?

Bus services will be free for the entire Easter School Holidays as well as the week with the Anzac Day public holiday.

Free services will operate from 6th - 28th April 2019.

There are Free 5 TransLink services

  • Route 626 Tewantin to Sunrise Beach via Noosa Heads
  • Route 627 Tewantin to Sunshine Beach via Noosa Heads
  • Route 628 Noosa Parklands to Noosa Junction via Noosa Civic
  • Route 629 Tewantin to Noosa Junction via Noosa Civic
  • Route 632 Noosa to Cooran via Cooroy and Pomona.

Timetables and route maps are available at www.translink.com.au/noosa or call 13 12 30 anytime. Most services terminate before 7:30pm, check timetables for more details.

Is there a Free Shuttle from Peregian Beach?

There will also be an additional hourly shuttle service between Peregian Beach and Noosa Heads. The Free service is numbered 064. Note the 620 service which travels into Noosa from the Sunshine Coast Council area will still operate. The 620 service is not free. 

If you're travelling in Noosa Shire make sure you catch the Free 064 service. If you want to travel south of Noosa, make sure you hop off at Peregian Beach and then catch the 620 service.

The timetable is available on Council's Go Noosa website https://www.noosa.qld.gov.au/go-noosa and the TransLink journey planner

Which buses are not free?

The following bus services are not free

  • Noosa Ferry (this is operated by a private business)
  • Route 620 Noosa Heads to Maroochydore.
  • Route 623 Maroochydore to Noosa Junction.
  • Route 630 Noosa Junction to Nambour via Eumundi.
  • Route 631 Noosa Junction to Nambour via Eumundi and Cooroy

Only buses that travel solely within Noosa are free to travel on. Those bus services that travel outside of the Shire are not included in the free services as TransLink is unable to accommodate free travel on services outside Noosa shire.

How do I know which is a free bus and which one isn't?

Make sure you know your travel plans and bus route number (refer above to free bus route numbers). If you want to catch a free bus look for the sign that reads FREE BUS on the front of the dashboard of the approaching bus.

What stops the buses getting stuck in traffic congestion?

Traffic Control has been employed to assist in getting buses out of traffic congestion at the Noosa Drive roundabout. Due to the existing road network it is currently not possible to have a dedicated bus lane. At this stage traffic control is the most effective and least expensive option available.

Previous survey data showed the longest time spent sitting in traffic on the bus was 12mins (keep in mind that the buses have excellent air con).

There are no free buses where I live?

Public bus services including bus routes are determined by the Queensland Government's Department of Transport and Main Roads and delivered by TransLink. The Free Holiday Buses make use of the the existing TransLink bus services with an additional shuttle between Peregian Beach and Noosa Heads because the exiting TransLink service on this route (Route 620) travels outside the Noosa Shire and is unable to be included in the free services. People are encouraged consult the free bus route map and drive, cycle, or walk to their nearest bus stop to catch a free bus.

I see that some buses don't operate at night, if I take the bus, will I be stranded after hours?

At present a number of the free bus services don't operate after 7:30pm however there are some paid bus services in the evening. If you plan on staying out later into the evening, please check the bus timetables at www.translink.com.au/noosa or call 13 12 30 anytime to ensure you plan your return trip.

Will the buses operate on Good Friday, Easter Monday and Anzac Day public holidays?

Yes, free bus services will operate to a week-end timetable on all public holidays. For bus timetable information visit www.translink.com.au/noosa or call 13 12 30.

Information Management Systems - Park & Ride and Car parking availability

What will the Variable Message Signs (VMS) say?

The VMS boards will periodically show the following text/imagery:

  • Welcome to Noosa
  • Promotion of Free Holiday Buses during the Qld School Holidays
  • Car parking availability and reference to congestion
  • Promotion of Free Park and Ride service, from Noosa Junction.

Why are the signs showing car parking availability so far away from Hastings Street?

The signs have been located on key roads entering Noosa (Cooroy-Noosa Rd near Butler St roundabout, Walter Hay Dr near Eenie Creek bridge, Eenie Creek Rd near the Noosa Civic, and David Low Way near Peregian Community House). The signs are designed to help motorists make a decision on how they want to access Hastings St precinct before they get into the congested areas (e.g. Noosa Parade, Noosa Hill) by which point it can be difficult to turn around. The locations of the signs allows people enough time to change plans and to access a free bus at Peregian or Tewantin instead of getting caught in traffic trying to drive all the way to Hastings St.

The sign said to park in Noosa Junction but there was no car parking available in Noosa Junction?

A survey conducted on 3rd January 2018 (peak holiday period) highlighted that even at our busiest time of year there were car parks available in Noosa Junction. Based on this survey, as well as stakeholder feedback, it was decided to trial the use of Noosa Junction as the preferred Park & Ride location. In addition, approximately 40 of the 2 hour car parking bays at the Noosa Junction Transit Centre car park have temporarily been increased to 6 hour parking (refer orange in photo below) and approx. 15 of the 2 hour car parking bays have temporarily been converted to 1/2hr parking (refer purple in photo below).This is the first year that we will actively direct people to park in Noosa Junction and catch a free bus. It is possible that the Junction car parking may become full on some days. However people can park anywhere along the bus route and catch a free bus (observe regulated parking signage). Alternate Park and Ride locations include the all-day parking areas in Tewantin (Blakesley St, Sidoni St. Doonella Carpark and boat ramp area) and Gympie Terrace (adjacent to the river - not the shops), Noosa Parade (up until the Sofitel blue bridge) and Sunshine Beach (excluding Duke Street round the shops).  Noosa Junction Transit Centre Car Park - temporary changes to timed parking

What do the traffic controllers do?

The role of the traffic controllers isn't to fix congestion but to give priority to buses and pedestrians where possible noting Noosa doesn't have dedicated bus lanes. 

A traffic engineer will also be onsite to monitor, and if need be amend, the plan for the traffic controllers. This is a trial and will provide valuable information to inform the future use of traffic control and infrastructure needs. 

Visitors entering the Hastings St area need to be aware that cars will not always have priority. This is why Council is promoting park and ride opportunities.

Why is the left hand lane on the roundabout coming down Noosa Drive towards Hastings Street been blocked?

Traffic control on Noosa Drive is to give priority to buses departing the bus station from Noosa Parade and also to assist with traffic flows and relieve congestion at the roundabout. 

Current safety regulations and guidelines allow only one traffic controller to control only one lane of traffic at any one time.

There are currently two approach lanes on Noosa Drive at the roundabout and therefore the left turn lane is closed at times to allow the traffic controller to safely operate and control traffic.

A review of the use of traffic control over Christmas was undertaken by an independent traffic engineer who concluded that the implementation of traffic control has assisted with bus prioritisation and traffic flow.

Why isn't there more wayfinding signage?

The number of signs, their content and locations were determined in consultation with key stakeholders including Hastings St Association, Tourism Noosa and Noosa Junction Association. 

Feedback on the signage can be provided by completing the online Go Noosa Transport Trials feedback survey.

Why has the Parallel Parking changed in Hastings Street?

This is only temporary. Parallel parking bays will be reinstated following the peak holiday period. 

Why did you take out the parallel car parks on Hastings St and why only on one side of the road? Will business suffer, don't we already have enough scooter & bicycle parking?

Observations and survey data have shown that vehicles parallel parking along the westbound side of Hastings Street during peak holiday periods can exacerbate traffic congestion and hinder the flow of traffic. Over 75% of traffic that turns left into Hastings Street from Noosa Drive is heading for the parking areas in Noosa Woods/Spit. One car attempting to parallel park can result in vehicles backing up into the roundabout. 

In consultation with the Hastings Street Association Council is trialling the temporary replacement of eight parallel car parks with increased footpath space, scooter parking, e-bike and bicycle parking and will be monitored to see if this improves the flow of traffic on the busy street during the holiday period

The small reduction in car spaces as a result of these temporary changes will be more than offset by the creation of an additional 250 paid car parks in Noosa Heads Lions Park.

Will there be parking in the Lions Park Car Park?

From Saturday 13 April 2019 - Sunday 28 April 2019. The paid parking will commence one week after the free buses due to availability of the Lions Club volunteers.

Park Hours: 9am-6pm, flat rate of $20.

The car park is closed during wet weather to reduce damage to the park. Even if it is not actually raining, it may have rained heavily the night before and therefore parking on the grass may damage the grounds.

The bitumen carpark opposite the Noosa Heads Lions Park is still 4hr parking (not paid).The green space at the Noosa Heads Lions Park is temporarily converted into a paid car park. It is managed by the Tewantin Noosa Lions Club, which receives 40% of the income which it shares with the Cooroy Camphor Laurel Group. The remaining funds are used by Council to fund peak period traffic management initiatives - e.g. free buses, traffic control, park refurbishment etc.

Why do I have to pay to park?

Paid parking at Lions Park began in the early 2000s. The funds from paid parking contribute to the peak period traffic management initiatives, including the Free Holiday Buses. The Noosa-Tewantin Lions Club manages the car park on behalf of Noosa Council and in turn receives 40% of the car parking revenue which is used to support their charitable works. 

Council obtains approval from the Dept and Natural Resources and Mines to temporarily use the park as paid car parking. Council is investigating alternative locations for paid parking in the future. 

How are the Go Noosa trials funded?

The Go Noosa Trials are funded by the Sustainable Transport Levy and revenue from the paid parking at Noosa Heads Lions Park. 

How is the cost of the free buses calculated?

TransLink is paid for the loss of revenue, not per individual person catching the free bus.

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